Improving Care Efficiency in Developing Economies through low-cost health technology and analytics: Ranking technology solutions for Nigeria

(Olatunji T, 2017).


I am currently finishing up analysis on data collected at 4 large academic medical centers back home in Nigeria. This project grew out of my concern for the misplaced priorities in foreign-funded interventions leading to suboptimal impact. The goal was to objectively measure and rank the level of importance and impact of certain pain points across the health sector, providing an empirical or evidence-based framework for resource allocation to areas where impact is greatest for the largest number of people, urgency is highest, interventions are feasible, appropriate and sustainable long-term.

The entire experience was a huge learning opportunity, from securing ethical approval and hiring research assistants to collect the data, to merging, cleaning, analyzing and modeling.

It turns out that immunization programs are not the most important perceived areas of need. Interventions are most urgently needed in areas like laboratory information systems, stable power and internet in hospitals. This could potentially save more lives per second than several millions of dollars invested into other fancy programs.

Ranking Pain Points in the Nigerian Health System

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