I started learning Python in 2013 but did not begin to use it on a daily basis till 2015 during my Masters program when it was the dominant language used for labs, assignments and projects. I built a program that took free text (clinical notes) from a provider, and used the Bioportal annotator RESTful API service to return a python dictionary of matched terms and PURLs linking to the meaning of each term ready to feed into an analytics system.


I have used R for programming for 3 years and it has now become my favorite language. I used R to ingest and analyze 4TB of open source genetic data (RNA-Seq and Microarray) from the Genetic Data Commons portal. Using several Bioconductor packages, I discovered groups of differentially expressed cytokines (Interleukins) in ER-positive versus ER-negative breast cancer.

SQL Server

Over the last 2 years using SQL, I have come to realize that, although it is not as fancy or cutting-edge as MongoDB, Python or Tensor flow, it still remains the backbone of most legacy data systems, especially in healthcare. I used SQL to query open source National CMS 2010 Medicare Claims data using complex nested queries and complex joins to derive key insights into possible drivers of cost of care, and demographic characteristics of the burden of Heart Disease in US states with a high incidence of Congestive Heart Failure.

Health Level 7 (HL-7)

In 2016 and 2017, I worked with this health-specific messaging and data exchange standard, reading in HL-7 strings, parsing them to extract laboratory results (OBX), then returning a JSON document that encapsulates the FHIR structure.


In the above HL-7 projects, the JSON documents returned was stored in a MongoDB database using a save() function written in Python.


Although a lot of programming skills are transferrable, I learnt to use SAS in 2016 in preparation for a job interview. But I found R to be more robust and user-friendly.


I taught myself a bit of Java in 2016 and 2017 by trying to build a small BMI calculation App using Eclipse.


I picked up these languages in 2013 when I started exploring Web design. I’ve built a few websites including my personal website, but eventually used those skills to further customize sites built with content management systems like WordPress.

SPSS, Excel

In medical school in 2010, these were the primary tools available for statistics and data analysis. In a 2010 group project on The Awareness, Attitudes and Concerns of Mothers to HPV Vaccines in Ibadan, Nigeria, my role was to merge, clean and analyze all the data collected by my classmates using Excel and SPSS.


Photoshop, Corel/Illustrator, Corel/InDesign, Infographics, Lightroom, Photography, Magazines layout, Outdoor ads/large format, Print (Process/Spot, CMYK/RGB), Post-Print Finishing


UI/UX/layout, HTML+CSS, PHP, jQuery, CMS, WordPress, JSON, XML, Digital Marketing, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads Manager, AdSense, AdWords, Python, MySQL, POSTGRES, R


3DSMax, Modeling, Rigging, Lighting, Animation, Poser3D, ZBrush, Realflow, After Effects, PremierePRO, Motion graphics, post-production, Color correction, transitions, Adobe Audition, Soundbooth, sound recording, editing


Project Management, Strategy, leadership, brand consulting, team-work, critical thinking, problem solving, analysis, finance planning, budgeting, business development, marketing communications


Microsoft Office Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Software/Hardware/Mobile maintenance/repair/upgrade/troubleshooting, PC & Mac, Bitrix24, Slack, Asana,